Introduction I to the Circus

The Writers’ Circus is an evolved, ambulant, asymmetric Circle of writers which, endowed with the virtue of being able to exist in more places than one, does not really exist anywhere, at all. The show, to be put on here by us, the aforementioned writers, will not start and finish within a clearly defined border, inside a tent of dreaming cut off from the externalities of a so-called proper or real experience; our event is not an escape, although escapology is something that inevitably interests us; no, the performance at the heart of our circus concerns the limits of the possibility of the limit itself – more specifically, the hypothesis that, on the other side of this ejaculatory space of dream-like enactment and clown-like repetition, Everything is not to be found (again) unaffected, but the very opposite.

Yet, do not make the mistake of mistaking us for some collective of over-matured nihilists… that again would imply a stasis too territorialised against the lack of both origin and destination preoccupying our (every) trans-mission. We are something more a-where than nihilism. Our -mission is to unearth a version of Nothing unstrangled by the hypertextual claims to and about meaning that, at any one time, smuggle too much meaning within themselves to sustain the originality of their own “meaningless” claims.

In fact, we want to make sure that the tightrope of language, however fine, is made utterly visible; we want to show you what it is like, the acrobatics it demands, and what it “means” to walk it; overall, yes, we want to perform, for you, Meaning itself, without disguises, without disguising. So, welcome to The Writers’ Circus, where we will not be creating a new and original world of illusion, but rather articulate, demonstrate, and evaluate all the illusions behind a-World-already.

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