Coffee and lemonade

For the musician

Tale swinged up the mermaids
Tail; Sail-tail, say tale,
Say-sail the taken
Flowers falling upwards
The sites of heart-spelled
Light, tea blues,
Turning ground reds
Is it, it’s tea, coffee
There, surely there
Is a bit of a caffeine,
Nicotine flaming too,
After encounters of high passion.
Mermaids with
Loudness at heart
Laid their victorious
Senses, up and above
The mysticism, blue
Sky clarity, red wine
Flower petals. Significance
In stories of two-days
With a day by day, a walk
A talk of each others
Ways. Feral and with
All the bloom, sun-kissing
Charm, sea-side shells
Tell us something in, at
Times to be eternal,
Flying through, floating
Through in-out the
Highest scapes internal has,
Colliding – In high speed!
Horizons meeting
To establish the inevitable
Flame in our hearts.
In the light I saw your face
Evermore curving the space around,
Towards the spectral emphasis of being.
In the wings of flyers
The wholesome body went
Through me, tall and warming,
It gently took myself upon
The flight so dreamy.
In the branches of the trees
Touching edges, sky has,
I felt your breathing so
Fierce and lively. In the
Roots of them trees, maze
Life has, becoming ever so
Clear, ever so there, with
The mind of wonder, you
Have within, descending
Within all the reflections,
Effortless swing, willow tree
Branches have, mermaids tail
The tales, while curiously
Sitting on a river-flow brook.
Slow, silent whispers of tail-tales
Resonating in evermore loud
Stories, swimming through life,
Against the odds and currents.
In the gaze of your red amber,
Colossal, enchanting depth lays,
Teaching me light without
A word spoken, holding
Me in entangled power of nature,
When kites have no direction, you are
Building those ways, where
Humanity flourish, in timelessness
The feelings stand strong,
With so powerful pull,
The strive to be, above
The shoulders of the midnight spirits,
In-between the clusters of
Evermore constellations, you.


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