Two hundred thousand million years into tomorrow

For posterity

Illustrated pieces, the body on the radiating particles of establishment,
Enriched and so solemnly followed by reliable archaic symbolism
Travels around, to see, to look, throw a gaze upon
The reflective properties of the mirror. Someday a look, tomorrow to see, gaze within…

At all the stars, one’s eyes have ever encountered, the stars shouted back, promised to shine,
Willing to travel from the iris to the core of the sun, from the sun to the core of the iris.
And the eye has promised to gaze, within. Solemnly…

Trees in smoke, caressing the missing spells between the ground and sky,
Signified in eternal hat of atmospheric acknowledgements
Where to be, how to be, maybe one day to live feral
By the flame, alas soul naked, in curls and swirls of the aging trees.

With fear and without, to swear and to be, earnestly one may shall pursue
The petals of existence, in circles and zest, honey sweet tangerines,
Romance towards vociferous beauty of being, always in the light! True!

Pleasure till the end, moon crescent, and a few flowers bursting
In flame of their mint, calling, finding all there is to find, sea
And all the shine there is in waves, coming back and forth,
Building, building and building, ever crumbling towers of Babylon.
Yet what for? Me, You or Us?

Block by block, block by block…yet flowers springing their way, effortless,
Never expected strive, blooming through the any block there is built,
Through the core, without symbolism, true and lively.


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