In Our Time (a trans-modern epic)

One thing that is a thing

not something else

whilst there are other things

to be itself

and not something else

must be of a space

and a time

to the denial of other things

in that same space

at that same time.


In an existential sense

all things deny one another.


Where space and time

not only account for

 the division of things

But are themselves

always re-counted by

the shape of this di-vision:


Had there ever been enough space

for all things to be

there would be no space needed

for time

for time is


many times over.


With enough space for everything

everything would have been still.



had there been enough time

for all things to be

there would be no time needed

for space

for space is


over many places.


With enough time for everything

everything would have been in a straight line.


In a physical sense, therefore

all things

cannot exist

at once.


Space is made relative

by time

and time by space;

existence in a particular space

changes according to time

and at a particular time

according to space;

a space in time denies other times

a time in space denies other spaces,

because Existence that can never be all at once

could only be

at every point


of its own self-denial.


So, in a meaningful sense

all things exist in denial of Existence:


And yet, and still

as straightforwardly

as would be possible

this is perhaps the trans-mission

of the incontrovertible signal


of Existence,


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