How to survive in systems

The weather of weather is

(whatever the weather)

(whether or not)

“the desert has to go somewhere”

since, in the whether

of weather, always

already, the desert


at both


such that


may be

no cooling to breach

the calcinating sands of

the Sahara


lending opposite geography

to the ice-cast formations of

the Tundra



no warming may break up

the sterile congelation of

those Polar-ised masses


equally burning up livelier

soils in the full advancement of

more subtropical conditions.


The weather of whether

cannot whether or not the desert,

but must weather it wherever


Whether here, weather there

or near enough everywhere

“the desert has to go somewhere”.


The whether, therefore,

a weather for the weather of whether

is limited

but of keeping an equal distance

from either end,

and whatever the weather

never to desert this whether

to the somewhere of the desert.



Ossídio Reading and Thinking on Youtube

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