What even is the point of Art?

In the des-pair of life,

that states how: a putting-

together always starts

with a pulling-apart;

and how: building up

must shrink prior sizes

before a shared horizon;

whilst: each acceleration

cannot but equally hasten

all rituals of departure;


The work of Art

comes as a sort of control

against the loss of more

in ex-change

than that which,

of the same,

might thence be gained;


is a sort of life-line



 possibility and necessity,



differences in touch;


labour of


past and future

whilst giving

no time

to the rhetoric of tyrants

nor space

for the imagination of the prophet.


In the des-pair of life

The work of Art

is not so much aesthetics

or their judgement

(though these do add a certain colour)

but rather the attention and creativity


to look after the Flame of existence.

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