A history

The English alphabet has 26 letters

and though the writing of its name makes use of 7 of them


the drawing of that name ex-tends from an altogether other

more historic

sign system –

namely, out of which

had come

a different litter

of letters,


Alpha, Beta.


The relation of English in itself to itself


happens, seemingly

via artefact traces of something like it, before it

outside it

in-forming thus seeding

en-circling like haunting.



The setting of

a sitting-with;

Already, here;

we speak ancient Greek

the way ancient Greeks


carried on, meaning, other languages

by speaking theirs

languages at least

as far back

to the onomatopoetry

of the first calls

which continue, unfinished, in speaking


if only from the meta-linguistics

of the out-spokenness

of mistakenly

calling something ours

calling something

really present.


It suggests: no One language;

and the first language ever to exist

has still not existed;

thus, what is seeing-now

is seeing

slowest mode possible

something on a break

non-full state, unfully Stated

something all-ways much more inter-rested than

its present-day



In every Ocean circle, there is a split

C is that vulnerability

of spilt (out from)

and flooded (in to)

in-deed, even Circle itself spelt with the possibility of that Open-ness in mind

very O-C-anic.

Put together,

because it has already fallen apart.


Any-way, language now

momentary slowdown (like all moments)

of historic speeding

for our histrionic self

unto which yet another language of Languages

Alpha, Beta again

in the type-signing

(trying to speak)

of that self-ness –

and even if the description


these individual languages

of the individual

attain, is not particularly beautiful

like Alphanumeric justifications of the territorial bully

or a Betamax cataloguing of traits of so-called weakness

at least the much more pluralistic art implicit in the alphabetic repetition

begetting all of them


much faster

than these trickle-down writings

can keep up with

writings which, of course,


will, each time,

only make it go faster.


Whatever the two that Binary has tried to assemble

Natural and so unnaturally

or Unnatural and so naturally

the alphabet repetition

ugliest and prettiest

again and again

not just over time, ancient to present

but in time, present reading itself

(time working overtime)

makes that two look more like

binaries and non-binaries alike

(whatever they might be)

trying to fill themselves up

with filling-up

but never quite able to use that fill

to plug the gap

that permitted the filling in the first place.




more like



going (very fast)

alphabetic until the repetition


begets Language from something else.

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