The least


though sampled in the least of light

numbering in too many

shades of SHADOW

to keep up the total insistence

on myself as the 1 person;

1) self-same dreamer

of the dreams

I dream;

unless, of course,

there happens

no other

eyes closed, habitually

sleepwalking off the edge of





a very




if to hold unique-ness

in such many-ness

so that, again, 1 in that

with everyone else, awake,

fading most dreamlike of all

what would that


of them

be, really be as such

living, one sight, f-o-r-e-v-e-r

without either

the first ——- or last


of each day?



dreaming more than 1

them, this poorly lit scene of someone starved of even more light than that

the 1 I am really not re-hearsed

through the 1 I am

a stage set so that it should not be

zzzz     zzzz     zzzz     zzzz

I must              wake up           immediately

ooooooo (silent yawn)

startled back to consciousness

for, even for

t h e l i q u i d s t a t e o f d r e a m i n g

that would be

a sleep

made up

of a darkness too far.


even to the intercourse of the nightmare

there is a limit:


1 of many – from many, always 1 again

not, of many, not-1;

darkness but a variation in the SHADEDNESS

of the shadow

and shadows, temporarily absent light

I cannot dream myself whole,

neither enough light

nor darkness

for that

every dream, whosever and whoever, 1 more of many.

2) dream

of a self-same


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