What is the point of (p)Art (III)?

Part 1 & Part 2

The triumph of Something

over the same, over Nothing




has to be able to withstand

not one

but two distinct sets of contradiction


which is really unfortunate as far as concerns

the fate of the world;


the first: internal and thus a little tedious

failure on its own terms

the reproduction of the same or slightly less

from a differently desired outcome

the site of the worrier who

aware, awake, at least, has thus not completely

lost sight of Something

and finds the difference somewhat telling, all the same;


the second, however, is much more serious

much more catastrophic

external to the work of Art

though translatable, making use of similar signs

but in a very different order

for where Art undoes to create

War irrevocably outdoes the innocent contradictions many times over

done only for destruction


the site of the warrior, to lessen presence

put things to sleep


the triumph of Nothing

over the same, over Something

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