Of all the days of the sun

and the hours of the day

and changes of the light

that day by day

hour by hour

morning position a different sun

than the one last night set

yet, still –

however many

of these suns,

whether a yearly difference

or an infinite one –

each sun

each day

every hour

of the day


dawn to dusk

night against day,

but night in day and

thus, day in night

the same game of shadows

throwing depth into the horizon

fasting the sky at the end of the eye line

via the same contrast of arrows

the coldest given a minimum of colour

and the darkest a trace warmth

never leaving anything to its coldest darkest self alone

going side-to-side

doing day-to-night

on paths changing night-to-day

or perhaps after all the same path

the never-ending path

the golden arch

the path of difference

falling out of the light

days, suns, hours,

at a time

shaped in the extending and withdrawing

of the shadows in and around the light

between the light light of the shade

and the much heavier light of




gradually bringing out everything

and gradually hiding everything

and gradually graduating between hidings and bringings

always part-hiding the part-brought

or part-bringing the part-hidden

always everything at once

falling out of the light

but never lit the same way again

of all the days, the suns and the hours

in the changing of the light

never to be

just one day,

one sun

or one hour.

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