Fort-reigns of raining four-pronged forks

An iconography of crust

detailed fairy-tales spill their entrails

sea men fun-fried sand-land sun-dried

wind-tunnel-routes that tear through sails

the ocean with something to hide


An ideology of thrust

Launch pad analysis of gutters

My hand to hand-over smile stutters

Cropping up rocks, crapping out clocks

First class to tone town through brown docks


A geometry of must

Beseeched and reached, far-to-near bleached

“Each to their own” whispered the druids;

But their lemon trees found impeached

Wooden spoons to child-rearing fluids


A chronology of the Just

Quotation marks give the impression

of speech-pattern thoughtfully split

but what sort of head-spun expression

has soup to tongue hole and clit?

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