of sadness and togetherness

the road of the everyday

carpets a threefold structure

plain, hillock and valley


it is sewn together by the traveller

the traveller on the front foot

the traveller of the everyday


the road of the everyday

has first-footed a level which is neither

the bliss of total travel nor the desperation of its helplessness


this road of the everyday

exchanges rises and falls

and centres evenly on their absence, one way and the other


everyday road of the everyday

cannot draw high without taking from low

and ever gone high has to follow-fall low


every day road, every day

where happy-travelling is the threadbare question

because the consequence of the highest heights is not ultimately in a route-taker’s favour


road everyday, everyday road

a plateau-like sadness travels alongside the plateau-like traveller

no extension of the up-hill excitement to the down-hill roll thereafter


road road, road road

the positive pursuit of the everyday every day, surely

starts with not footing-first groundlessly as if this loopy terrain were another


dayroad, tomorrow road, everyday

all travellers are peopled with regret

the most successful sadness, has learnt how to keep the needle steady.




loopy routes rooted essentially nowhere

there is a limit to the life of the traveller

and length of course is no necessary indicator of step-by-step achievement;

struggle one is to get/give back all the taken by all the roads taken

two is to leave more behind for the other travellers

a desire to enhance the future of enhancement

whence those not-yet-here will build on our own built-on –

yet adding more to nowhere barely makes this somewhere;

in fact it does not

start nowhere

are nowhere

go nowhere

often the settlement on second-best

which is to make this as easy as possible for one another

as our lostness in loss can burden them

and theirs us

and after that second-best we can do for ourselves is to go nowhere together, with others

whose going should be being made easier by us

which would make it easier for us to go

despite how hard the work of making-easy really is.

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