Politics (Part I of the Arts & Sciences series)

i am done with a native weakness

which is the strength of my need

the call from which i call at all

the gap in me, open before me, after me

whence the person i am, must be, met or unmet

in a contact of bodies


but a body contacted


to be

not in the skeletal quantity that weighs it as such

but through the long emptiness that halves such a body

left-over emptiness that requests such a holding

where and when a body by itself is not a body

but a place harmed or warmed by bodies

an articulate physique of strength and weakness

as colourful signal of the whole weak or strong

whether in the emptiness the whole harms or warms,

that capacity of the full body to defile and love

to defile or love the single body that needs

defile or love the emptiness that calls…


the single body’s expiration

timing of the final fall to its total weakness

is breathed, alone/embraced, through an every-body.

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