History (Part III of the Arts & Sciences series)

We are not there

The Country is not there

Others are not there

Love is not there


The repeat retreat into the present

is fixed in the distances we already know


only there could be there

only there will be there


the people, here

structures, here

ideas, here


are still here

have to be here

as here-not-there


and yet perhaps

Present Indicative

of a having-to-be that is


something there-not-here


way in which

these things in our way on the way

have to be –

if they have to be –

one-way way-making:making-way way-makers

if a way at all

to away


by something like weighing into



Not destinations

at least no more than the present could have been destined in the first place


all at once guided and blinded by a

present which, in second place,

is some-way let get in the way

of being-on-its-way

that is, Being, on its way

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