Unshared Light

sharp luck


today it hurts again


last night, dreams of you

which now means

you in me, past the light


what does it?

cert sign that some untouched world

of togetherness

must together be brought?

or retrenchment of a spiral one

of me

stuck in me alone?


sharp luck


the more it hurts again


vast insight

of you in me

beyond what might

keep within quiescent tone


what is desire?

truth that the old may well collapse

because already rising in its wake

are the first suns of the new?

or is fire more reckless, less controlled

issued oftenest one way

spoiling the fruit of any return?


dumb struck


I am lit again


cast outright

into the battered sea

of you star side

whether or not it be


Time 22 (moment and movement)

The time it takes

the body


or wrapped

to embody

the body it is

is time

being taken away

from the body –


and muted;


time empty

when the body full

and full

when the body empty;




or the body

of the body



of the moment


an, at once,

much fuller and emptier


Gynecology (Part VI of the Arts and Sciences series)

as I see an up and down movement in the days

like the sea moving up and down in the hours

as far as see-ing a movement of seasons

cutting a scene – up and down through the count


as eye seas

up and down the movement

of C’s –

up and down movers and motivators

seizing the up and down


I sea


up and down

eye seas


out and out

seasons C-ing (Cunting) in and out.





________ full circle


a spill, up and down seizure

of the eye-line



sea-son bearing

sun of a seafaring


and an up and down berth






(not just one thing

but one thing again and again

more than anyone could take)

as much as there must be a people

in every person.


Physiology (Part V of the Arts & Sciences series)

I am made of hands at the end of my arms

I am armed shoulder-like, shoulder-width



a head

tethered unconvincingly

wobble wobbles

trying to vertical-line to a middle






production of a head-ache


sea-sick between twos

like nostrils, nipples, knees

down to a couple of feet apart

marching on orders

through the articulations


hip-hip poor-pot-am-us

all the way round

back and forth

with itself to itself

roundabout a standing

everything I take with me

plus the minus of forgetting

around abouts

one rounded up

as bellybuttoned as allusions to a cut-off point

the whole body

or starting point of an already-fattened


joined up wheels


to be able to go again


hip-high pot his is

ran-sacked by urgencies unfinished

as cyclical as circular

pushed on by a pulling off

dismemberment cauterised and redoubled through good and bad organisation

(which from which not always obvious)

knee-deep in it

to the finger tipping-point

of a touch that shocks

and a pokey extension in turn sensitive to the touch


shot-maker, shock-repeater

current conductor of an electrical leaking


electricity of life


I am, body

nascent within a distance

to shock and be shocked

shoot after shot


but back and forth

first times after a first time never quite yet been

in readiness to know

what all the feelings mean


the break-up

the make-up

the disembodiment of organisation

before re-swallowed by the sweaty pocket-warmth of the ultimate sensitivity

where the half i am is properly absorbed

and whence I was originally spat out and buttoned

come full circle

without being able to fill anything up


at the sake of the diminishment of the body

but not the head-ache feeling

which just metastasises

walking the body through the irreversibility of its forwardness

always back turned to a world of surprises

the relationship of contact



…and now it does seem,

great Mother,

that you are upon

a slow Autumn

the final season

of your full life


the flock you nested

has long since flown, confident and vivacious

into the bright Summers

which your careful Spring-raising made True

of six 9-mooned Winters

resiliently carried through


there are now birds of those birds

nests inspired on those you prepared

the multiplication of your first work, speaking its success

reverberations of your Love, unabated

still spawning seasons, Summers

thriving on the essence of your light…


…and so, indeed, as much as it may seem,

great Mother,

that your body has turned on you

and now terminally sheds and folds itself away,

the spirit and truth you have given us to fearlessly fly on

can neither fall nor whither, but prove you, immortal.

History (Part III of the Arts & Sciences series)

We are not there

The Country is not there

Others are not there

Love is not there


The repeat retreat into the present

is fixed in the distances we already know


only there could be there

only there will be there


the people, here

structures, here

ideas, here


are still here

have to be here

as here-not-there


and yet perhaps

Present Indicative

of a having-to-be that is


something there-not-here


way in which

these things in our way on the way

have to be –

if they have to be –

one-way way-making:making-way way-makers

if a way at all

to away


by something like weighing into



Not destinations

at least no more than the present could have been destined in the first place


all at once guided and blinded by a

present which, in second place,

is some-way let get in the way

of being-on-its-way

that is, Being, on its way

Culinary (Part II of the Arts & Sciences series)

a soup is water made with something


the making of something runs like water

running into the possibility of water


the water possibility of soup

is a soup possibility of water

and therefore for the there-for

so much more:



is water watered down,

water also the difference of soups

the key ingredient to their ingredients being key…


water is a bowl-floater

a boat-floater

bowls, boats

bounds, bonds


footing soups


and the understanding is


watered –

as crystal clear as yet more soup not quite as runny as the water…


water-made something

makes soup

and “water” in name just as water-made


touching the water scoops it ladle

comes out too thick

too made-up –

Ironically, too watered down

too quick

to constitute the in-definition

of under-standing…

to show up the world



the collected spoonful

and subsequent spoonfilled collections

(in fact any spoon is just another collection of spoons)

a sort of liquidity


too mixed in the coming

washed up, washed out in a going

on the shores

of a gap-wide bowl-full contactability

a “watered” eroding

gardens to the flower of the im-permanent

more keys


in a water that tells us something about everything

but not everything about something.



Politics (Part I of the Arts & Sciences series)

i am done with a native weakness

which is the strength of my need

the call from which i call at all

the gap in me, open before me, after me

whence the person i am, must be, met or unmet

in a contact of bodies


but a body contacted


to be

not in the skeletal quantity that weighs it as such

but through the long emptiness that halves such a body

left-over emptiness that requests such a holding

where and when a body by itself is not a body

but a place harmed or warmed by bodies

an articulate physique of strength and weakness

as colourful signal of the whole weak or strong

whether in the emptiness the whole harms or warms,

that capacity of the full body to defile and love

to defile or love the single body that needs

defile or love the emptiness that calls…


the single body’s expiration

timing of the final fall to its total weakness

is breathed, alone/embraced, through an every-body.

by the night

Come by the night

Come by the night asking

Come by the night asking for


An exchange


An exchange

by the night



Come by the night asking


a water-maker


a soup-spinner


by the night asking

a connection-dweller


a fate-delayer


The night asking

a light-retainer


a life-explainer


Come by the night 

Come by the night


by the night



a love-availer


a lozenge-sharer


by the night








a hope-restorer





and come



Come by the night

by the night

the night

asking for…


Your exchange.