Politics (Part I of the Arts & Sciences series)

i am done with a native weakness

which is the strength of my need

the call from which i call at all

the gap in me, open before me, after me

whence the person i am, must be, met or unmet

in a contact of bodies


but a body contacted


to be

not in the skeletal quantity that weighs it as such

but through the long emptiness that halves such a body

left-over emptiness that requests such a holding

where and when a body by itself is not a body

but a place harmed or warmed by bodies

an articulate physique of strength and weakness

as colourful signal of the whole weak or strong

whether in the emptiness the whole harms or warms,

that capacity of the full body to defile and love

to defile or love the single body that needs

defile or love the emptiness that calls…


the single body’s expiration

timing of the final fall to its total weakness

is breathed, alone/embraced, through an every-body.

What is the person?

beginning to end of

a line

ahead of itself

such that there it is

with its head


on its own tail


but tales, tells

not more self-annihilation

than growth

from something like a self-making self-same



that is,

starves and satiates

on a hunger for the

meeting with itself


whilst also all the time,

of course

spinning out –

out-of-control of course –

fattening itself up on so much more than itself,

yet feeding, and feeding on, foremost

that for which it feeds

(everyday nutrition,

in this sense,

the mere bare bones

of a much more temporal appetite)


so, spends time

spilling into itself

after stinging itself

always there also feeding back


future biting history

history, the old biting

and old bit

bleeds into the salivation


of a continuity

that presses forward

by pressing its fangs



a hitherto


basically, orbit on its own axis

something in time able to time its own questions about time

minimally independent

of the most immediate answers

of an otherwise questionless timelessness;


hunger for itself

line forced into contortions

often getting quite fed up

but through that same bloatedness

already layering the appetite

reaching the round-about point

that will be the stomach –

swallowed itself

and out the other way again –

to stomach

the next moment

of a self-nurturing




the present-ing conditions

of a re-turn to an emptiness

that bites with the fulness of a line

turned to look at itself


at once

the opening and closure of something

in time

capable of life –

introductions –

beginning and ending in ways

that do not have to end the way begun.




a sacked-up


soupy gelatine

of marrow, blood and fat








the only occasion left


flows, shuffles and ripples

in and against itself

sloshing, muffled,

all the way round itself

as one continuous wave,

the perfect dance –

like a spasm of history,



fleshy artefact

of some long since retired modality –


now, alone (all-one) produces its own beach

its own music

falling beside itself

to the sound

of the cell-by-cell progress

of its patient decomposition.



without sea-son.


Softer light that takes added heat to get home:

this is a person and other people.


this person

these other people

or just all the people


slightly short

slightly narrow

in the light –




all people


slightly short

and slightly narrow

of the Light

are but softer lights within all the adding up

to Light;


of all the persons being people

having and sending light

there is not even a single person –

a person and their body

people in the body –

as star-scarred

 as the distant suns,

and of all the persons being people

knowing and receiving the light –

a populated body

a body populator –

there is really not anybody

as well-rounded as those bodies

whose intentions

will fully originate

at their own axis


though, often enough

as often as often is possible

without all-ways taking up the time-work of always

are people to be found


having a collapse

folding in on themselves,

so dark, compact

colourlessly voided as

any solarisation

at the tail end of its fire…


and still, often enough

as often as often is possible

without always taking over the space-work of all-ways

are people to be seen


orbiting one another

gravitating so near, tight

in multiplication

of risk upon risk

of collision,

apocalyptically full

of meteoric desire…



the people

despite literal and lateral shortcomings

and an almost literary narrow-mindedness

lights always less than Light

stars not as poised as the Sun

planetary but lacking in the self-composed

are yet to be able

to find and see themselves

more successfully distinguished than this,

…will yet be able to distinguish themselves from the fuller bodies

…bodies of enviable mass

…a little more successfully


this person and these people

may find and see good distinction

when recalling silver-line

their own queer ability

demonstrated time and again (and this is exactly the point)

to do such surprising things as



burning out

whether that be by shared heat

or random combustion

and recompose



whether so by organic reproduction

or a many-handed





the person in the people

the people in the person

or just all the people

distinguish themselves


as bodies

not massive

nor fully lit

nor very stable

but in a body instead souled by Repetition;


and furthermore this and these yet find and see themselves in distinction

good distinction – surprising

by a similarity with each mass that each mass cannot have with the other

the people resemble both stars and planets in ways that stars and planets simply cannot resemble each other

the earth cannot collapse

or burn out

the sun cannot crash

or make contact



the person in the people

the people in the person

or just all the people

distinguish themselves


as bodies

again, not massive

nor all-light

nor elemental

but in a body instead souled by Resemblance;


the people

a distinguished soul of light within Light

an embodiment unmatched by bodies that wait wasting the same until expiration

bodies circumscribed by forces

on legs without imagination

this person and these people, instead

by short-falling and narrow-eyedness

can find and see themselves

using and reusing

and – by accident of that difference – refusing


in so many ways that never will it be so massively exhausted

before their own softer light has been divided into oblivion –

until their bodies phosphorescent are no longer adding heat to one another –

which is to say, finally, and yet most primordially,

this person

these people

in a body souled by Emergence.