Time 22 (moment and movement)

The time it takes

the body


or wrapped

to embody

the body it is

is time

being taken away

from the body –


and muted;


time empty

when the body full

and full

when the body empty;




or the body

of the body



of the moment


an, at once,

much fuller and emptier


everything in time or The Chaotician


better prepared

for tomorrow

than yesterday I was

for today

because yesterday

for today

there had been an expectation

of something

which, in the end, threw everything;


now, today,

expecting tomorrow,

I do not expect something

nor do I expect nothing

but I expect that

even this expectation of neither

will be wrong

and yet somehow also right

but in such a way that it will have been wrong, nevertheless

and even then, on top of that and/or below it,


such being-wrong-about-being-right-about-being-wrong

also being

not quite right nor quite wrong either

and so on

to fourth order

and fifth

and on

and on

until the day has gone and what it actually was will have been

which probably not much more than the affected expectation of a tomorrow ever postponed by its being expected per se

and probably a lot more than that, too

probably in such particular amounts of right and wrong that it and us will never quite be settled

and so that, for us, tomorrow, which must be expected, always expected, is still, in-the-making, on its way to us,

as we, same-way, on our way to it via an errant program of expectations

it being, at last in part, the remaking of those expectations about itself

guaranteeing that tomorrow will ever be in such a way that it will never be –

that is,

the total connectedness of the disjointure;


indeed, it now seems to me, this neither and both stands a much better preparation

for tomorrow

than yesterday’s had been

for today

having been thrown off by the unexpected problem

of expecting the problem of expectation per se.


Of all the days of the sun

and the hours of the day

and changes of the light

that day by day

hour by hour

morning position a different sun

than the one last night set

yet, still –

however many

of these suns,

whether a yearly difference

or an infinite one –

each sun

each day

every hour

of the day


dawn to dusk

night against day,

but night in day and

thus, day in night

the same game of shadows

throwing depth into the horizon

fasting the sky at the end of the eye line

via the same contrast of arrows

the coldest given a minimum of colour

and the darkest a trace warmth

never leaving anything to its coldest darkest self alone

going side-to-side

doing day-to-night

on paths changing night-to-day

or perhaps after all the same path

the never-ending path

the golden arch

the path of difference

falling out of the light

days, suns, hours,

at a time

shaped in the extending and withdrawing

of the shadows in and around the light

between the light light of the shade

and the much heavier light of




gradually bringing out everything

and gradually hiding everything

and gradually graduating between hidings and bringings

always part-hiding the part-brought

or part-bringing the part-hidden

always everything at once

falling out of the light

but never lit the same way again

of all the days, the suns and the hours

in the changing of the light

never to be

just one day,

one sun

or one hour.


So much time is wrapped up

in the present

that scarcely must there be

time for anything else


which makes the present foremost

in time

likely the very meaning of

time, itself;


with time unwrapped through

this meaning

and the present thus

the in-between


the unwrapping, in its over time difference,

makes time timely

distinguishes times and so over all

shows time happening;


but the difference of

a present in one wrapping

and not another, cannot but itself

be wrapped up in time, too


all these difference of time, timely,

to be unwrapped, must be so in the in

between; sharing no time

outside of time


to present perhaps that: time

is actually wrapped up

in something both greater than

and yet temporally limited to